Unlocking "Stranded Assets"
Mineral Processing
Metalurgical Services
Environmental Solutions
Detoxification & Rehabilitation
of Mining Sites
Atom Minerals specialises in unlocking “Stranded Assets” and delivering Environmental Solutions to the Mining sector.
Using its unique Glenfine Process, Atom Minerals provides Mineral Processing and Metalurgical Services, along with the Detoxification and Rehabilitation of mining sites.
Atom Minerals was founded in 2016 by a group of mining services organisations with the view that the company would be able to make significant changes to the functionality of existing mines by introducing environmental solutions to the sites. The Glenfine Process is able to perform the Detoxification & Rehabilitation of mining sites as well as unlocking “Stranded Assets,” enabling regular sites to become more efficient and effective.
Mineral Processing
Utilising Atom Minerals proprietary Glenfine Process enables the low cost stripping of precious metals and sorting of materials. This can be deployed to process a wide range of complex and irregular ore bodies such as historical gold tailings.
Metalurgical Services
Atom Minerals has a unique tool set and a number of methodologies to determine the most cost effective way to separate precious metals from ore bodies.
Detoxification & Rehabilitation of Mining Sites
One unique feature of the Glenfine Process is the ability to "clean up" hazardous materials in parallel with the stripping of precious metals. This approach allows for the rapid remediation of contaminated sites in order to allow for land reuse.
The Glenfine (Tailings) Process is a disruptive technology that unlocks the full value of “Stranded Assets” by enabling small scale, low cost, ore processing and environmental up-cycling. The core operating principals behind the Glenfine Process have been developed by Mr. Hunt, who is an industrial chemist with 30+ years of experience developing processing solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industries. Over the past 5 years Mr. Hunt has been developing and is now starting to operate the Glenfine 1.0 plant to successfully recover value from historic gold tailings at Glenfine, South of Ballarat, Victoria.